I am inspired by science. The ability to see beyond ourselves, measure events, and understand locations which we have no natural means of accessing drives me to create photographic renditions of these places, concepts, things, and phenomena that exist outside of our own plane of existence. It is my intent to stir curiosity and create a means for others to consider our place in the physical universe as one that is small and insignificant, yet unendingly interesting.

For all its advantages, the sedentary life has left us edgy, unfulfilled. Even after 400 generations in villages and cities, we haven’t forgotten. The open road still softly calls, like a nearly forgotten song of childhood. We invest far-off places with a certain romance. This appeal, I suspect, has been meticulously crafted by natural selection as an essential element in our survival...Your own life, or your band’s or even your species’ might be owed to a restless few-drawn, by a craving they can hardly articulate or understand, to undiscovered lands and new worlds.
— Carl Sagan